Developing behind a proxy

Working behind a proxy can be annoying at times but it’s not difficult to work with, most of the time that is. This is mostly here for my own reference in the future and you get the added benefit.


I am a great fan of Octopus Deploy. In the interest of improving it in any way I can I released a beta version of OctoPygmy, a Chrome extension for Octopus Deploy.

The case for abstract IoC

I really value the IoC libraries out there and the features each one provides. I use one in nearly all the applications I write. Along with IoC libraries there has been the occasional discussion on abstracting it away from the application. I’m not a fan of this idea.

I did TDD wrong

My mind still thinks procedurally.

I like TDD, I really do. I’m just doing it wrong. TDD is about DRIVING the design. But many people (and evidently myself) just do it in a ‘Test First’ way. That really doesn’t give you much of an advantage other than a higher code coverage.